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Anna was born in Creston and her family roots are in Adams County in the heart of the Third District. A graduate of Grinnell College and Drake Law School, Anna’s life and career choices have been based on her values and commitment to social and economic justice.

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While I’m running for office, I’m going to get out my running shoes and literally go running in the Third District as our communities hold 5ks to raise funds. I encourage those of you who can run or walk that distance to join me and show your support for our communities.

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The next few years are going to require a lot of teamwork. There are a lot of ways you can get involved and help the cause, whether it’s signing up for action alerts, volunteering with Anna, or donating to the campaign, all varieties of help are needed.

The issues Anna Cares About - Photo From The State Capitol Union Rally

What I Care About

Constitutional Rights

Our government only works if those participating in it respect and uphold the Constitution. The Trump administration is demonstrating an astonishing lack of respect for the Constitution and integrity of our government and Congress is refusing to hold the President accountable. We need leaders who will fight to preserve our country’s basic constitutional principles.

Economic Justice

The United States is a land of opportunity and we need economic policies that keep it that way. Everyone deserves a living wage. Everyone deserves healthcare. Everyone deserves a quality education. Economic priorities should be focused on encouraging innovation and promoting growth in sustainable, forward-looking industries instead of trying to re-create a 20th century economy in a 21st century world.

Social Justice

Too often, the only voice represented in our government is that of the few who already have access, power, and money. I’m in this for everyone else. Growing up in small town Iowa, I learned the values of fairness and community. I believe our country’s policies should reflect those values and treat everyone with respect and dignity.

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